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R&B and Hip Hop Asian Artists Featuring Black Women: Is it Good?

Right now, I’m jamming to a song from a pretty cute Asian singer crooning about a mocha-colored sister and I think I’m going to be obsessed with it for the next couple of days. As American black hip hop and R & B artists are squeezing out black women in favor of white or racially ambiguous objects of desire, it looks like some Asian artists are taking an opposite approach.


What I like about these depictions is that black women are seen as the objects of desire, not solely SEXUAL objects. That distinction is important. What is also notable is that in both videos, the women are classy. These are the anti-video hoes.

There’s no doubt that American hip hop culture inspires these artists, but these non-black men aren’t encumbered by a shady history of slavery-style self-hate that drives many U.S. c/rappers to view lighter and whiter women as the ultimate trophy. Yes; I know shadism is a global problem that has it’s hands in Asian culture, it seems that they have yet to be poisoned by a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for black women. True observation, or nah?

That’s not to say it won’t happen with continued influence and exposure to the putrid and poisoned elements of American hip hop, and considering that the second video was produced by Warren G, I think we all need to hold our collective breaths on this.

But in both videos, the purpose of the beautiful black women is to depict them as romantic aspirations in which these men wish to woo and seduce. They are a pricz to be won by the Asian guy with the best macking skills.

Here’s a question: In a world spun by white supremacy, why don’t you suppose they didn’t use white women in these videos?

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