Reader Responds to “What Black Men Think of Natural Hair” Post

Yesterday I got the best letter. It was from Kelvin Bulluck, a photographer in the Baltimore area.

Hello Christelyn,

I recently came across your post on “What Black Men Think of Natural Hair” & first let me start by thanking you for sharing your opinion on the topic.  I got a kick out of reading it, so much so that I decided to write this email to you.  I haven’t a doubt that there are more black men out there with the ridiculous mindset that you have highlighted in this article but I, for one, am not one of them.  Growing up with 3 sisters who all rocked natural hair styles, I developed an appreciation for natural hair styling at an early age.

This upbringing, coupled with my passion for photography eventually led me to create a special portrait series dedicated to highlighting the beauty of kinky hair.  The series is titled, “Coquine: The Beauty of Kinky Hair Realized” & has taken me across the nation & even into Canada as I photograph women of color from all walks of life with a variety of natural hair styles.  I’ve created a short video that briefly explains the project & why I’m doing it.  You can also see a few images from the project on my blog.  I’m sharing this with you as a response to your blog because I want to speak up as the voice of black men who love & embrace this aspect of black women.  The crown growing out of your heads is yet another reason why black women are so beautiful, which is why I chose to celebrate it through this project.


I’m not sure where you’re based but if you should happen to find yourself in the Washington DC or Baltimore areas, I would love to have you come to the studio to become a part of this series.  You would make a great addition 🙂

Thanks for your time & keep up the great work!

You guys simply must see this…

Thank you so much for this beautiful and inspiring project, Kelvin! You have my full support!!!

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