Redefining Valentine’s Day with Loved Ones

Redefining Valentine’s Day with Loved Ones

Written by Saran Lawson


 Valentine’s Day is around the corner. All over the United States, there are singles scrambling to find someone to share the day with. Every year you see flowers that could hide a small island and teddy bears the size of adult humans. Look around and there are enough balloons to lift a tiny home. I’ve even seen expensive chocolate covered strawberries made to look like roses. It’s enough to make a singleton jealous if just for one day. Some people dread the romantic holiday. It’s just another reminder that they’re alone. I’m here to tell you that there is more than one way to celebrate. Although it seems as though it is only a romantic holiday, there is more to it than that. It’s a chance to show the people closest to you that you care for them. This can include family, friends or children in your life. It is not always a spouse or partner that get’s attention. It can even be a chance to show someone who could use extra love, some kindness. I’ll share with you my Valentine’s playlist of ways to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

Caravan of Love – Isley, Jasper, Isley

Volunteer your time to people who need it the most! There are a lot of older adults that suffer from loneliness that could use the company. This may be a day to give your extra time at an assisted living facility or a nursing home. There are even organizations like Friend to Friend America. Their mission is to end loneliness in seniors. You can apply to become a volunteer on their website. Dedicate this holiday and even future days to come to help a friend who spends most days alone.

1999 – Prince

Every year since I could remember my mother would have a party for us on Valentine’s day. She had to find ways to amuse 3 small children and now it’s a tradition. The whole family gathers together to share food, cards, desserts, and gifts. It’s a lot of fun. I didn’t think of having a Valentine most years because of my family. Now that I have nieces and nephews they look forward to the party. This is a great idea to share with your family or even your close friend group. Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with people you care for most. The cupcakes are just a bonus.

 Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a time to wear black, listen to break up songs and sulk. It could be a day to share the love you have with someone else. Romance is amazing to have, but it feels great to do something nice for someone else. Love should be shared 365 days of the year. Appreciating the people that are in your life also reminds you that you have things to be grateful for.  I hope one of these ideas help to brighten your Valentine’s day and bring light to someone else’s.

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