Retro Chic with Sandra D

The popularity of retro TV shows like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Vegas, and the buzz surrounding the summer release of the much anticipated The Great Gatsby, the retro look continues to increase in popularity as more women are sporting the hot fashions and hairstyles from a bygone era.

Sandra D 2

Sandra D. is an in demand hair stylist who has been breathing new life into old-fashioned wet set and pin-curl hairstyling method with her fabulous retro hair styles from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Wet set? Pin-curl? In the 21st century era of flat irons and quick fast and hurry hairstyles, Sandra is a delightful throwback to the way Dorothy Dandridge, Rita Hayworth and other old Hollywood icons wore and styled their hair. She was delighted to share with Beyond Black and White her passion to connect to our glamorous past and how we can add some classic looks to our repertoire this season.

BB&W: Sandra, how long have you been doing retro hairstyling and what was your inspiration?

Sandra D: I have been doing the classic retro hairstyles for over 13 years. I have always had a love and passion for the vintage way of life so when I was in school, one of my instructors who professionally styled hair during the 1940’s and 50’s took me under his wing, I took full advantage of this rare opportunity to draw from his expertise. I realized this is a dying art and I want to keep it alive.

BB&W: What is the most popular hairstyle decade your clients want to re-create?

Sandra D: My clients like the 1940’s hairstyles the best; the victory roll in particular.

Sandra D

BB&W: The victory roll hairstyle that you speak of is the one  Keri Hilson wore in her video, “Pretty Girl Rock.” in the 1940’s wartime segment a couple of years ago.

Keri Hilson Victory Roll

Sandra D: Right

BB&W: When creating new looks for your clients, where do you draw your inspiration?

Sandra D: I take full advantage of the internet to find photos of movie stars from Old Hollywood. There is so much on line to draw from; fan pages, websites set up by the estates of deceased Hollywood icons that showcase photos from their heyday, the possibilities are endless. Classic movies are another favorite venue of mine to get a feel of how particular hairstyles fit in certain situations.

BB&W: If our readers is want to start rocking some hot retro styles this season, is it difficult and will it take a lot of materials to re-create their favorite retro hairstyles?

Sandra D: Not it is not difficult at all, first of all get a cut that is flattering on you and find hairstyles from your favorite decade on line as your inspiration that compliment that cut. There are clips on line that can teach them how to properly set a pin or rag curl. As far as materials, all you need is bobby pins, double pronged clips, and setting lotion or gel. The most important ingredient you will need is time. Doing a wet set properly will take time, but the results will be worth it.

BB&W: How long do the styles last?

Sandra D: If you properly wrap your hair at night, for straight hair, the styles last 2-3 days, on curly hair up to a week.

BB&W: For ladies who want to learn more about retro hairstyling, you offer classes at your salon several times a month?

Sandra D: Yes I also conduct classes with Anamarie Von Firley of Revamp Fashions throughout the year in Los Angeles. The ladies can go to my website www.glamourembalmer.com for more information.

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