See, it can work!

Okay, thanks to Barry’s Boot Camp and Vita Mix, I managed to get in shape for this trip and look like this:

Hubby wouldn't do full shot b/c he knew I was putting this on the blog! hee hee

This shot was taken right before water aerobics. Which was fun, but a bit distracting since the instructor looked like she was time transported from a Jane Fonda video. I half expected her to jump in the water with leggings on.

Band Camp WTI has been a ball so far. It’s crazy good how our hodge podge of a family works so well, and there’s real love between us. It truly is a testament that you can, with love and patience, overcome differences, find common ground, and bond across racial and intercultural lines.

Tonight we have some MAJOR excitement going on after dinner–a 27-foot slide, which I’M TOTALLY ON IT!, a rock climbing wall (I’ll do it if my back holds up and I’ve had enough to drink), and a movie on the lake.

I’m really hoping that at some point, me and the hubby can go on a urhm…”nature walk” later…STOP THAT PEARL CLUTCHING! I like watching…squirrels.

Anyhoo, here’s a little photo montage I thought you’d like, just click on the link below.

And don’t think that because I’m on vacation, I’m slacking! Here’s what’s coming up next week on Beyond Black & White:

–“Where in the World?” Janice gives a partial list of the best (and worst) places to carry on an interracial relationship. We’re also counting on you to chime in on how your neck of the wood fares in this department!

–“White Guys Like ‘Em Skinny”: We’re going to discuss the oh-so-touchy issue of weight and fitness as it relates to health and attracting an interracial and/or intercultural mate.

–I’m writing a pretty serious post on CW’s site called, “No Wedding, No Womb!” That should get vewy vewy in-ter-est-ing.

–Question of the Week: Deborrah Cooper will chime in on one readers angst about approaching a non-black college boy who stares the begeezus out of her but won’t ask her out.

And that’s just some of it, so get your notebooks out and pay attention!

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