Seven Days of Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness: This Pink’s for Cocos and Cremes…


Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to interrupt this post to announce that Mother has just completed her road to recovery today. The doctors removed the shunt that delivered chemicals to kill my mother’s cancer directly into her breast has been removed. She is in remission. Woot.

Today’s pink is courtesy of Lancomé L’ABSOLU ROUGE, in “champagne,” number 355. This color almost didn’t make it to the series though, because my initial plan was to purchase one of RiRi’s fall 2013 MAC pinks, but noooo…it’s sold out. Is anyone besides me starting to feel like the whole “limited edition” makeup promos are some kind of scam? Just wondering. So I walked down to Sephora and took a look at all the pinks from NARS, Laura Mercier, stila, etc. and gravitated toward the Lancomé aisle, which is kind of sucky because their items are double the price of MAC. Maybe it costs more because of this…


  • Patented Pro-Xylane™ and Ceramide V help restore moisture and strengthen the moisture barrier
  • Contains the unique Moisture Locker Complex
  • The Satin Color™ Complex ensures even dispersion of color; High Fidelity Pigments give rich, intense color
  • Vitamin E safeguards lips against environmental damage

Granted, the lipstick goes on smooth and they didn’t feel dry, but the jury’s still out on whether it lasts for a full eight hours.

So what did it for me? When I tested this color and walked around Sephora, I got stopped not once, not twice but THREE times by people who loved this shade on me and asked me where I got it. This frosty pink with purple undertones looks awesome on both chocolate girls like me and my lighter hued sisters.

Wednesday pink

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