Seven Days of Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness: Look Good (Almost) Naked

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 11.47.13 AM

I wear this when I want just a hint of color and gloss. I picked it up when Sephora ran out of my all time favorite Urban Decay gloss, ‘Midnight Cowboy.’ I started wearing that when I did started my You Tube channel and it never failed–they’re always be someone asking me what was on my lips. This color, ‘Strip,’ is more mauve with less shimmer, but looks wonderful if you’re wearing shimmer on your eyes, which is really popular, especially around the holidays. It’s muted but gives enough pop with your glitter without making you look like a fairy from Unicorn Land.

Speaking of pink…

Check out all the new research on the treatment and causes from a QUALIFIED source like This little tidbit stood out for me because I’m all about the natural stuff…

Vitamin D

A recent study found that women with early-stage breast cancer who were vitamin D deficient were more likely to have their cancer recur in a distant part of the body and had a poorer outlook. More research is needed to confirm this finding, and it is not yet clear if taking vitamin D supplements would be helpful. Still, you might want to talk to your doctor about testing your vitamin D level to see if it is in the healthy range.


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