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Snoop Dogg’s Daughter “Ugly”? Houston We Have a DISASTER.

Momma bear bringing out her fangs on these HORSE APPLES!!

My facebook friend, Kai Hollywood, brought to my attention a Media Take Out article about Snoop Dogg’s daughter, preteen, Cori B, taking her turn on the hip hop mic. I’m no fan of Snoop for a list as long as The Dead Sea Scrolls, but his innocent daughter has nothing to do with all that ratchetness.

Here’s some of the comments over at the ghetto cesspool Media Take (Out The Trash):

She Looks just like her ugly mom

Lmao Im sorry but she not cute she look just like her momma the boys look like snoop THANK GOODNESS

Well Willow is a little petite girl who is cute. This girl is fat, black and well… you know the rest. #fail

Not cute…looking like junior Missy Elliott…..NEXT

I’m not tryna hate on kids, but she got sausage fingers LoL

That’s Snoop Dogg’s daughter………what they call her……Bulldog Drummond!??

thats a girl? Ya right! Snoop makes ugly kids just like him.

(Not that this matters to any of these excuses for human beings, but Snoop’s daughter suffers from lupus, and potentially fatal auto-immune disease. It is no joke)

That aside, Cori B being compared to willowy Willow Smith is like comparing Halle Berry to Jill Scott. Are either of them not beautiful? Hey-ells yes they both are stunning.

While Willow has two African American parents, she has classic European features. She’s a pretty girl.

Small forehead, straight, thin nose, eyes the lighter shade of brown, caramel skin, small frame. She’s a beauty.


She has a high forehead, full lips, dark brown skin and beautiful smile, and yes; a larger frame.

You know what STINKS to ALL HIGH HEAVEN? It’s BLACK PEOPLE on sites like Media Take (Out The Trash) and Bossip that epitomize why black women have so many self-image issues. In NO WAY is Cori B fat. She’s a growing teenager, people!! Where is the fat? Is she a larger frame that Willow? Yes. AND?!

Kai summed up her disgust nicely and I co-sign 1,000,000 %: “This just makes me SO upset, because adults are saying this about a little black girl and we wonder why they have such low self esteem. That’s why ANY man can walk up to them and say they’re cute, their panties drop and they end up with a bunch of out of wedlock children,” she wrote me.

It’s time to stand up for our daughters, people. These are the young, innocent and impressionable. Leave the grown folks mired in their own feces, but young black girls are the most powerless among us, and they deserve our support and protection.

You can say Snoop is getting his comeuppence for all the shite he’s done, but how does that take away what hurtful things said about Cori?


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