“Spring”ing Forward – New York Fashion Week Recap

Crisp Fall winds have barely even kissed our cheeks and already those in the fashion world have us yearning for Spring with the fun fashions from the recently commenced New York Fashion Week Fall 2013.  I still don’t get why they don’t show the upcoming FALL fashions at the beginning of Fall…too obvious?

Anyway, here are some of the trends that you can look forward to way down the line whenever Spring decides to blossom around us:

Florals – “Florals, for spring?  Groundbreaking” – Miranda Priestly ‘Devil Wears Prada’.  This trend comes up every spring so it’s not particularly new by ANY means but hey it works.

Brocade– Designers glammed up looks with luxe brocade for the upcoming season.  Decadent brocade added intricate detailing to skirts, pants, vests, everything!

Harnesses– I think that “50 Shades of Grey” madness hit the runways with the infiltration of harnesses into the looks; can we say S&M?  I like it! *Cracks whip* Necklines had a hoisted harness look that gave a bit of a naughty vibe

Angela Simmons has the harness neckline as well as the next trend:

Bare Midriffs-Get those tummies in shape because pops of flesh were all the rage.  There were bra tops, sheer fabrics, strategic cutouts, all sorts of belly baring looks.

Looser Fitting Pants– While skinny pants and leggings have been THE go-to pants silhouette for the past couple of seasons, wider leg trousers and loose fitting pants dominated the runway for spring this upcoming season.  Our legs get to breathe!

Prints– It was rare to see basic and monochrome on the runway this season, every designer had prints galore!  Stripes, florals, mix and match prints were happening beautifully all over the runway in eye catching combos and colors.

In case you’re wondering what’s also hot for fall:

Those were the main trends that I took away from New York Fashion Week 2013.  Did you pay attention to any of the hoopla?  What trends are you most excited about?

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