Three Camille Rose Natural Products I’ve Tried and Loved!

I’ve been wearing my hair out a lot lately, and while I love the volume of my afro, all that handling is causing my ends to become very unhappy. The tips break off bit by bit until the length is affected, so it’s time to hide my ends for a few weeks and baby my tresses.


While I have my hair in hiding, I like to make sure my tresses are clean and free of buildup, because fine hair weighed down with product can lead to breakage. So I clarify and deep condition once a week.

This week I tried Camille Rose Naturals CLEAN RINSE moisturizing and clarifying shampoo, deep conditioned with ALGAE RENEW, and twisted with ALMOND JAI twisting butter.


The shampoo: Clear liquid, great sudsing action and smells of honey and peppermint, but mostly peppermint. The fear with clarifying shampoos are that they strip the hair so much that it’s left “squeaky.” Not this. My hair felt clean AND soft. Me gusto.


The Algae Renew: It’s a deep conditioner that claims B vitamins and other ingredients to stop shedding and breakage. It’s okay. I like how thick it is, and the smell is heavenly. I guess I’ll know in time if it actually quells breakage.



Saving the best for last, the ALMOND JAI twisting butter is EXCELLENT. Better than ANYTHING. Why? Twists wet hair without flaking when dry. This is key. Kinky Curly is good, but it flakes. Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter is “meh” but overpriced and super greasy. This mixture give just the right about of moisture and “tackiness” to coat and stretch your two-strand twists. The next best thing? It smells like vanilla cake mix. YUMMY.

Here’s a view of my hair from the back. Look at all those moisture-rich curls!


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