“Time To Get In Them Denims” The Spring Look.

The Spring Look

The Sping Look








This year folks, it is all about pastels, florals, denims, and lace. So, if you feel childish wearing a lace dress, put on a nice floral one instead, and adjourn it with a denim jacket to keep warm on the trendy scene for Spring. Now, I wasn’t too excited for pastels, because I prefer bold colors, however peach and violet are not colors to be overlooked, plus I love cream, it looks great on darker skin tones, and just like Solange Knowles, you can always go bold with florals. 073012-Solange-Knowles-2-350

Also, I have great news for those hoarders who still have their 80’s attire and skinny  “before I had my baby” jeans packed away in their closet. The “skinnies” may not be a conformable fit yet, but work out in order to fit back into those acid wash jeans. They are in style as with many other items of vintage apparel we are recycling from the 80’s. I barely lived the 80’s, so if anyone has a pair of acid wash denims they can give me I would be buy antibiotics online most grateful. The cost now for good acid wash is pricey. If you are shoe lover I have not forgotten you. The same look applies for shoes. Try floral pumps or flats from Nine West or Aldo, and if you feel that you can pull off a rugged look, brown boots and floral boots are also advisable. And lastly, one crucial piece of advice is invest in good white-t’s, as in white tanks or t-shirts that are of good material, I suggest H&M. They will be extremely handy for coordinating outfits that you can mix and match with the pastel palette. For some of you this is old news and you are already ahead of the curve. But for those of you that are busy like me, or in my case, had a child in September and was unable to get the September issue of Vogue, here is a jump start on the look for next season.


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