Tinder Success? When You Know, You Know.

Last week we discovered Twyler and Travis on our new weekly feature, Five Insta Couples We’re Loving This Week. Little did I know that they have a pretty amazing story that’s definitely worth telling here.

Twyler and Travis surprisingly met on Tinder, a dating site infamous for facilitating easy “hook ups.” But hey; diamonds can be found virtually anywhere. They shared their story on an IR Facebook group.

Twyler goes on to tell me..

Also he is an ex marine and now a professional business man. We live together and getting married May 11. He is not only hot, sexy, tall, athletic, but an amazing cook, hard working, successful, loyal as hell,  and he’s romantic. I have 2 kids, one with autism and he still accepted them. He has 2 kids as well. We get them every summer. We were engaged only 10 months into dating, moved in together in his beautiful home, which is now mine as well,  at 1 year into dating. And now getting married @ 1.5 years.
He is honestly the love of my life, and vice versa. We aren’t perfect, but we are perfect for each other. We are in it to win it lol 🙂
Don’t you just LOVE it when a man knows what he wants and wastes NO time going after it? ?
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