Top Sports That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Portrait of an attractive african american sporty young woman

Portrait of an attractive african american sporty young woman

It may sound a bit morbid creating a bucket list, which is a list of thing you want to do, achieve and experience before you die. But if you have a bucket list you can become more determined to tick all items off. That way each day you will be more inclined to live your life to the fullest and take advantage of each exciting experience. There are plenty of sports to participate in that should be on your bucket list, and here are just a few.

Run A Marathon

A marathon might be a push for some, but you can always try a half marathon instead, either way it should be on your bucket list. The proud feeling of accomplishment you will feel once you complete a marathon will be unlike any other. Even if you don’t run the entire 26.2 miles, you will feel just as good when you finish. Why not run the marathon for a good reason? If there is a charity you particularly care for then running a marathon will bring in lots of money for the charity.

Sky Diving

For those adrenaline junkies a top sport that should be on your bucket list is skydiving. If you’re nervous about sky diving there are many places in which you can do indoor sky diving to work up to the real thing. But sky diving isn’t just about jumping and falling from a plane, it’s about the experience and the sights you seen along the way. There are plenty of places you can do sky diving, to make it something really special for you bucket list why not sky dive where you can see incredible sites from Australia, Spain, or if you can afford to skydive over the highest peak in the world- Mount Everest.


Young woman gambling, cards to face, smiling, portrait, side view

To some gambling may not be seen as a sport, but when it comes to most forms of gambling there is skill and much needed concentration involved. When it comes to playing poker or blackjack they can be fun games played between friends but when you are at a casino table games require skill, patience and complete focus. To really make it a memorable sport on you bucket list, why not go all out? Travel to Las Vegas and play classic gambling games at some of the world’s most famous and popular casinos. Gambling should definitely be a sport to try on your bucket list, you may win some big money too and that could fund another sport on your bucket list. Even if you don’t win it can be good fun and is most definitely an experience you won’t forget.

Experience Marine Life Up Close


A bucket list should be varied, and so far this list has covered sports that push limits from all angles from the air, the ground and your mind. Now one of the last sports that should be on your bucket list is snorkelling or scuba diving, not only is it a gentler sport but you also get to view the world from a different perspective. We spend all of our lives on land, and there is a whole world under the sea that we rarely get the chance to experience. With scuba diving or snorkelling you get to be up close and interact with marine life as well as have an unforgettable experience.

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