No Wedding, No Womb!

Video: Black Man Offers Apology to Black Women

Someone from the BB&W Crew passed this little montage to me because, well, I’m in the video. Don’t ask me how; I never knew it existed. You can see me and my writing partner, Janice Roshalle Littlejohn at around 7:04.

First off, I TOTALLY appreciate this gesture. However (COMMA) there’s a major problem. Well, two major problems. One, he is in no position to apologize on behalf of an entire race of men, just like back a few threads when the black woman offered an apology, it simply has no teeth. I appreciate the singular gesture, and he comes from a good place, but “sorry” is just an empty word if things continue like they did yesterday, the day before, and the decade before.

Second, this man apologizes for “dating outside the race.” Do I need to elaborate? No apology is needed, my man. Love who you love. I know I do.

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