Video: How to Catch a Whale ? at Work

Did You Know I Caught a Once Caught a WHALE? (I threw him back though.)

Let’s face it. The average person spends a lot of time at work. With all that time, it’s no surprise that many people meet and marry at work. So if you’ve got to be there, and there’s a good chance you’ll date someone there, why not shoot for the moon?

Check out my latest video about how to get (and keep) the attention of powerful, alpha males in the workplace.

Here’s the summary:

ā€¢Don’t be a kiss up. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions. Be prepared also, to back them up and feel comfortable having a healthy debate.

ā€¢Inspire his competitive inclinations. Let him know you are entertaining ALL your options once he expresses his interest.

ā€¢Allow him to feel comfortable with you. Allow him to open up so he feels he can trust you.

ā€¢Find common ground. Even if he’s richer, older, or further along in his career, doesn’t mean that you can’t find things to bond and build upon.

A few really important things I didn’t mention in the video:

ā€¢Remember to always dress and behave that part. Men on the executive floor are looking for women they can feel comfortable taking around their colleagues, friends, and family. Always keep that in mind, even when he is not around.

ā€¢Be discreet. Don’t reveal your budding, special relationship with your co-workers.

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