Well THAT Explains a Lot: New Study Reveals Fatherlessness Changes a Child’s Brain Structure

Findings released by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center in the journal Cerebral Cortex, have found a link between fatherlessness and abnormal brain function.

Researchers studied the behavior and brains of Californian mice who, like humans, are monogamous and raise their children as a unit.

Mice separated from their fathers showed greater aggression, anti-social behavior, and “abnormal social interactions” than those raised with both parents.

“The behavioral deficits we observed are consistent with human studies of children raised without a father,” said Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, the report’s lead author.

However, more groundbreaking was their finding that the behavior was not the only thing affected by the lack of a father. Mice raised by one parent had a misshapen prefrontal cortex, the portion of the brain associated with behavior, decision-making, and problem solving.

“This is the first time research findings have shown that paternal deprivation during development affects the neurobiology of the offspring,” Gobbi said.

The report states, “Our results emphasize the importance of the father during critical neurodevelopmental periods, and that father absence induces impairments in social behavior that persist to adulthood.” [SOURCE]


You almost don’t need a study to look at how this is playing out in the black community, which has a disgusting 80% out-of-wedlock rate, where most mothers and fathers are completely unapologetic about bringing legions of children into the world, hamstrung and almost certainly destined to fail. I honestly don’t know what can be done to quell this problem in the deepest depths of the hood, but those in the middle and upper class who ALSO contribute to the single-parent rate should know better and do better. Clearly, the lie we were told in the 80’s and 90’s that black women were strong enough to be both mother and father, like we’re some sort of species of hermaphroditic super humans has been debunked.

Okay I’m gonna go off on a tangent right now. WHY THE CUSS AREN’T BLACK NEWS OUTLETS REPORTING ON THIS?! Seriously, there is a conspiracy of silence when it comes to these issues, that even folks who are put in the position to effect change are sitting on their hands. DESPICABLE.

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