Want Hair Like Mine? Two Natural Styling Products I’m Loving Right Now!

DSC08640Check it out!

Hydratherma Naturals


  • Contains emu oil and is so light and wearable. I like to apply it and let it sit for a few minutes to give it a chance to lubricate and loosen my tangles.




  • OKAY Pure Naturals: Awesome for wet/damp twist outs, smells wonderful and lasts on the hair for days so you don’t have to reapply. Just spritz the hair with water to reactivate and re-twist at night.OKAY_ALOE4__58212.1438696818.1280.1280


  • Combine these two for dry, blown-out twist outs. A little goes a long way. Start with the aloe vera and concentrate on the lower third of your hair, and then sparingly use the castor oil. Let it sit on the hair a few minutes before you twist.

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