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Why Do Black Women Keep Throwing Themselves on the Railroad Tracks? WHERE ARE THE MEN?!


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, right, waits to resume speaking after the Westlake Park stage is taken over by

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, right, waits to resume speaking after the Westlake Park stage is taken over by “Black Lives Matter” activists Mara Jacqueline Willaford, second from left, and Marissa Johnson, center. Rally organizer and emcee Robby Stern, left, allowed them to speak but Sen. Sanders was not able to return to the podium, left the stage, walked through the crowd of supporters and then left in a car.
Saturday August 8 2015,

I’ll admit, I haven’t followed the play-by-play with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtivism movement, but what I saw today made me want to learn a lot more, and not in a good way.

This looks like some major foot-shooting happening here. What is more, black women AGAIN are throwing themselves on the railroad tracks for “the struggle” while the black men sit in the sidelines quietly letting them, and then shaking their heads in agreement that these same women they depend on to march for them are “overweight, unfeminine, loud-mouthed harpies” that nobody (including black men) want. We are fighting battles the MEN should be seen publicly at the helm. They are the most impacted by police violence, why are they sitting back and letting the women do the heavy lifting? And were are they when the image of black women is being slung through the mud by their brethren?

From my friend, Breukelen Bleu:

In the mean time, I want to make it clear and state OFFICIALLY that these women DO NOT REPRESENT ME – even tho the image of Black Womanhood is being TIED to this mess as if it does. I have been warning about this use of The Black Feminine in all of this since last year, and my worst predictions are coming true. The long term ramifications of what this will mean for the image and likeness of BW are mounting. There is a CAMPAIGN against the Archetype of Black Womanhood going on right now – and as much as I hate to say it, the main PROMOTERS of it are black men and black WOMEN. Between the anti-black woman rhetoric being spewed all over social media and in black music by black males…and the Angry Anti-Establishment Black Woman image being used by this new ‘movement’, the bulk of the assaults on the image of black women are coming from BLACK people – and I fear the worst is yet to come. Anyone who cannot look at this and other ‘disrupter’ videos of BLM popping up and NOT see that there is more to all of this than meets the eye – and that black women, ONCE AGAIN, are being USED for someone ELSES agenda, needs new glasses. This is NOT about black lives mattering. And it SURE as hell isnt about black WOMENS lives mattering. The black WOMEN who are the FOOT SOLDIERS of this mess are destroying the little protection that black woman might have had in this system by alienating potential allies (Not friends. We must learn the difference between ALLIES and FRIENDS), fighting for men who dont fight for them and just, overally making us look like Hyper-Aggressive FOOLS who get off on the attention. They are DESTROYING our image for what in the end, wont be anything good FOR us.

Instead of being viewed as this…

Close up portrait of a cheerful young woman laughing with sun hat

We’re being depicted like this…

A cartoon illustration of a cheerleader looking angry.


The illustration above was proffered on purpose. Black women are being depicted as caricatures of women, utterly unyielding, unfeminine, unattractive, and only good for one thing: fighting.

I get that #BlackLivesMatter, but some of you need to ask yourself when #YourLifeMatters, or #YourImageMatters, or #YourBeautyMatters, or #YourFemininityMatters, or #YourProtectionMatters, and #YourSelfRespectMatters?

It is time that black women give what they get, and no more. One of the basic tenants of BWE–look at Sojourner’s Passport–is reciprocation. That means you stop muling and and being a mammy for people who only acknowledge you when you are a benefit to them, but are nowhere to be found when you are expecting quid pro quo. The expectation for reciprocation should go across the board–your friends, family, (okay; not your kids because you’ll always do more for them that they will for you), your romantic partners, your co-workers, your activism. History has shown us that black women NEVER get the respect, gratitude and protection that is promised us in exchange for our time, money and energy. Being a black female activist for the black cause has always meant that those involved have to strip themselves of their femininity with no one there to fight for our honor. But we’re not just victims of this, we’re perpetrators. I believe the reason is that many (if not most) black women are taught early on that their needs and wants are not as important as those of their male counterparts. Black women are taught early on that the fight for equality mainly means equality for the men. Black women are taught early on that the injustice done against black women by their male counterparts is to be forgiven and understood, and support of them should always be unlimited and unfettered. It means that the men can be activists for “the cause” and marry “the man’s daughter” but to do so as a black woman is to be called the worst kind of traitor and bed wench.

Wake up and recognize when you’re being played, sis.

Think I’m getting it wrong? Welp…

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