Wonderful! Interracial Couple Adopts Kids Across the Globe.

Meet Marilyn Harper, the mother of four children and the proof and personification that love truly has no color. Her and her husband have adopted a Korean, Russian, Guatemalan, and American child.


and the new little addition…


Marilyn and David’s Story:

I am originally from Louisiana, was studying for my doctorate and met David at a local restaurant. We decided prior to getting married to adopt children and were waiting for a biracial child. During with the Rodney King melee in Los Angeles, a Korean family chose our profile to adopt Sam, our first child. They thought an interracial couple was perfect.

Second time, waiting for a biracial little girl, a Guatemalan couple choose us, even more perfect, black, white, Asian.

We chose to adopt from Russia because Emily was in desperate need of a family to repair her heart, which was very minor surgery in the States. Kelly, our surprise baby. A former foster daughter called me from the hospital saying she had just given birth and our family was “perfect” and she wanted her raised by us. This is the short version. Still no biracial child, but we are done!!!

1508216_10201931038451220_708400034_nAll four children

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