3 Men Father 78 Children by 46 Different Women – What the Cuss???

No Child Support for Tennessee Dads

Terry Turnage, Richard Colbert, Desmond Hatchett 

Pay No Child Support for

78 Kids by 46 Different Women (Daily Mail)

Periodically I’ll come across one of those “What da Cuss”? stories. One came across just today and I am sure you all will agree. This absolute stain and horror of the black community should be the topic of every Sunday morning talk show, news, tabloids and gossip sites, school, church — anywhere the OOW births in the black community conversation can stay in the limelight and relevant. Our children are suffering due to parental irresponsibility. It is as simple as that.  Originally reported in June, I am still horrified to read about three of Tennessee’s finest, black men who between them have 78 kids with no child support from  any of them. Well, they are getting support; you and I are paying it. It is totally unfair as I didn’t sign up for that, but the children need care and as long as they do, we taxpayers have to step up. Their father’s aren’t doing it that’s for sure.

What is so irresistible about Terry Turnage, (25 kids) Richard M. Colbert (25 kids) and Desmond Hatchett (30 kids) that these women can’t demand a raincoat as the honorable Judge Joe Brown would say? No Wedding No Womb is useless in these types of situations as the perpetual cycle cries out for more than a catchy though profound slogan. The movement may reach a few of the offspring, but the message is lost on most of the 46 mothers of these 78 children.  Now we may ask did the women know that these super sperm donors had so many other children. Surely they could not have known. Sorry, but sadly some of them did. One in particular LaToya Shields, who says she did not know about all the other children can be seen crying in a video about Turnage’s deception and the fact that her daughter wants to have a relationship with her father. Her child deserves two parents as all children do. A stanza from the No Wedding No Womb song rings true here:

“Now go on get your stuff as you hit the door
A lesson hard and tough I gave in before
Now my little girl wants her father he’s not here
Unfair to her”………..

The rest of the world is laughing or cursing at this situation and I can’t say that I much blame them. How does this happen?  Black women, you deserve better than this. Black women, your children, our future, deserve better than this. Black men, you can do better than this. Black people, you are better than this.  A little self-respect can go a long way and if we can block the subliminal messages ingrained into us as children from the general black community, we can see great things in our futures . It is never too late to pursue your dreams or go back to school; I am seeing all kinds of advertisements where Pres. Obama has made going back easier. (Watch out for scams though). Don’t let the bright light of what was once your dreams grow dim because life happened. People of all ages are achieving success every day despite obstacles. Our ancestors did not sacrifice for us in vain. Honor their memories. Many of them could not demand marriage but they longed for it we know mainly because being former slaves during Reconstruction, they went in droves to make their shack up unions validated, legal and recognized by the state. Make them proud instead of rolling over in their graves. You see, many of our women ancestors had no choice but to be breeding machines. In case any of these 46 women didn’t know it, they don’t have to be in a procreating contest.  Today, one has all kinds of choices she can exercise with no threat of violence or being sold. You are free. You are free to live your life however you choose.  Embrace your freedom and history. Hold up your heads and become one with our ancestors. We owe them that much. We owe ourselves that much. Most importantly we owe our children this much.

Vet any man who approaches you so that in a matter of minutes you will know to tell him to keep it moving. Set your expectations high and do not apologize for them when those around you tell you that you’re too picky. And if you happen to fall for a serial sperm donor with no job and no way to support one child let along 25 others, make him wear the raincoat. They come in a variety of sizes, textures and vibrant colors I hear.  And if you decide to ignore glaring red flags, skip protection and become pregnant anyway; you will have to look at your child one day and explain why daddy is absent or why he will not pay child support. I guess he could win the lottery, but he would most likely seek out ways to keep your hands off his money. He does not care about you or a child conceived because you were both irresponsible. Remember, a little responsibility can prevent a life, and a life of misery. Turnage, Colbert and Hatchett or their types have no business within 15 miles of you.  Responsibility is a word they probably can’t even spell or pronounce.  Expect more, be more.  You deserve better!



No Wedding No Womb 2010 Theme song

Judge Joe Brown (00:11:35 – 00:11:56)