(Almost) Tangle-Free Twist Out Technique!

A common problem with fine-haired naturals is knotting at the ends which leads to breakage. I’d given up twist outs altogether because of this problem, but discovered a technique by accident that virtually eliminates the tangles while still giving you a wavy-twist out effect. The secret: Instead of 15-30 small twists, which makes your hair 30x more likely to tangle, do four or five flat twists, and it’ll all come out the same in the end (minus all those fairy knots!)

The night before:

I spray a water-based leave-in conditioner and then follow up with a creamy moisturizer along four or five sections of hair. I make sure my fingertips are well oiled to reduce friction. I’m also using that Jose Eber moisture tool I mentioned last week to seal the moisture in, and I can say that it’s really helping relax the tangles.

Because my hair gets too straight at the ends after I twist, I throw on some flexi-rods…

Then I tie it up in a silk scarf all night, take out the rods and lightly coat my fingertips with oil or a shine serum, then carefully unravel the twists.


I’m super happy I figured this out, because I love the look and volume of twist-outs, and now I can have it without losing chunks of hair like I used to.