An Announcement!

After careful consideration–which includes (but not limited to) nail and toe biting, self-medication, nervous ticks, and a moderate case of trichotillomania–I have made a monumental and possibly life-altering decision. I have passed my embryo of a book to superstar-go-getter agent, Regina Brooks of the Serendipity Literary Agency. She has this crazy idea that The Black Woman’s Guide to Interracial & Intercultural Relationships could actually sell a lot of books!

Regina Brooks, Serendipity Literary Agency

So here’s praying to God/Buddha/Allah/Mother Earth/Elvis/and Michael Jackson that she’s right! And by the way, don’t get too used to the book title–it’s a mouthful, and we are still working on a shorter title that gets the point across. Suggestions are welcomed, but not necessarily taken seriously.