Black American Matriarch Set Roots In New Zealand


Elizabeth Cabell American slavery left an unwitting legacy on most of us descended from Africans. The sad thing is that most of us don’t know our … [Read more...]

Astrid & Maher “L’amore est eternal”

Astrid and Maher 1

Michelle Calloway of The Swirl World posted a photograph of Astrid and Maher on her Pinterest board.  It left me wanting more so I had to go fishing … [Read more...]

Could V. Stivano Be Another Yellow Rose Or Silly Rabbit?


Perhaps much to NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's dismay, V. Stiviano is not going anywhere any time soon.  The woman at the center of the fire … [Read more...]

Mashayla and Scott Exchange I Do’s At Casa Del Mar

Scott and Mashayla 6

  Congrats are in order for this happy couple.  Mashayla and Scott's fabulous wedding took place in lovely Santa Monica Beach's Casa del … [Read more...]

“Would a Rainbeau Accept My Special Needs Child?”

Alexis Weise 5

Dylan A recent post on my Facebook community page sparked the question: "Would a rainbeau accept my special needs child??  Any single woman who loves … [Read more...]

The Picture That Changed My Life

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  I posted the photograph below on my Facebook page last week. It brought back fond memories for Brenda Thompson so she shared a nostalgic … [Read more...]

Lissette Gonzalez and Family Have “Happy” Fun

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.48.31 PM

Most of the BBWland readers were treated to a follow up interview of Lissette Gonzalez and her fabulous family last year in the Color Blind & … [Read more...]

Stand Up Sister Protects a Stranger and Her Child

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When I think of strong black woman, I like to think of Tameka Bates.  She took swift action to protect a stranger who was being harassed by a black … [Read more...]

Shocking: Do We Support Child Brides Or Child Sexual Abuse?

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Many in the world were horrified to hear of an 8 year old Yemeni bride named Rawan who died on her wedding night.  The poor little baby's body was … [Read more...]

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – The Barbara Hillary Story

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  I stumbled across this video of the fabulous Barbara Hillary a couple years back and revisited it today.  As a relationship coach, I meet … [Read more...]