Could V. Stivano Be Another Yellow Rose Or Silly Rabbit?

Perhaps much to NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s dismay, V. Stiviano is not going anywhere any time soon.  The woman at the center of the fire storm caused by a leaked audio recording of uber wealthy Donald Sterling is not all that complicated.   In fact she doesn’t seem complicated at all.  She is a young woman who saw her chance for fame and fortune and took it.  Being seen as a mistress notwithstanding, V. Stiviano feels fine and has made a positive name for herself in her opinion.  Though it is not clear how she will stretch the 15 minutes into a windfall, I am sure Miss Stiviano will find a way.  She seems to be fine at the center of this scandal.

I gasped my way through the Barbara Walters interview shaking my head in disbelief that V. Stiviano says with a straight, cosmetically restructured face that she was Sterling’s everything, confidant, best friend, silly rabbit.  I bet Ms. Walters was wondering why in the world she agreed to that interview.  The interview V. Stiviano had with Dr. Phil, I found more palatable for some reason.  I was still shaking my head and giving her the side eye, but I watched it all the way through.  Miss Stivianos’s intentions were clear that she plans to make the most of this publicity.  Is she in pain, or really hurting?  I don’t know.  I do know that her bank account most likely now has or will have lots more zeros, setting her up to live the nice life she dreamed of as a little girl.  Maybe she will come out with a line of color coordinated visors and take the fashion world by storm.

Women like V. Stiviano are not so rare.  She was determined to make it big, but too bad it is at the cost of her reputation.   Miss Stiviano wants the world to think that she and Donald Sterling have never had any kind of sexual contact when he has said how hot sex with her was.  Whatever.  Most would use education or outstanding talent to achieve success, but not Miss Stiviano.  I have stated before that Donald Sterling has a slave master mentality and would be right at home in 1814, where Miss Stiviano would not be free to choose her employment with him.  He would even fare well in 1914 as he would still have Miss Stiviano in his employ most likely as “the help” and all the duties he so deemed part of the job description.


Emily V Stiviano


Observing this entire Sterling-Stiviano scenario, I thought, “Now where have I seen a story like this before?”  Then I thought of The Yellow Rose of Texas.  That yellow rose would be Emily D. West (Morgan).  Most don’t know that subject of this famous song — Miss West was a free black woman, some accounts say escaped slave).  You all know the term and the song.  Although I don’t see a conniving adulteress in Miss West, I see the use of her feminine wiles having dire consequences ultimately.  Some consider Emily West a spy which is my general perspective.  Whatever it was she laid on the General Santa Ana, he found her irresistible.   General Santa Ana dealing Emily Morgan, lost a major battle (San Jacinto).  Whatever V. Stiviano laid on Donald Sterling, he could not resist her.   Donald Sterling dealing with V. Stiviano lost an NBA team.


Could V. Stivano be another Yellow Rose?  That would be no.  I realize it is a remote comparison, but hearing this story I just thought of Emily West and her contribution to Texas and the circumstances under which that contribution was made.  V. Stiviano’s has no such contribution to speak of to anything but her present and future personal wealth.  I can’t even take her seriously because of some of illogical things she has said.  Will there be a reality show?  Movies? A tell-all book deal?  New love?  Who knows where V. Stiviano will find herself when she nor Sterling are no longer news?  I am positive she is thinking long term.  This entire scenario is either a brilliantly planned PR stunt or campaign or an unfortunate circumstance for V. Stiviano as a result of her poor judgment.  Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.


Barbara Walters interview with V. Stiviano


Dr. Phil interview with V. Stiviano


Original Version of The Yellow Rose of Texas

Confederate Version of The Yellow Rose of Texas 




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