DBRs Abound – A True Murder In The First

Anita Washington

This beautiful woman, Anita Washington, 49 and a veteran was buried today.  Anita was a member of the New Harvest Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL.  She did not know or realized too late that she deserved better a better life.   In 2008, my DBR distant cousin Irilmoskomazella Washington ambushed and shot Anita twice in the head as she was picking up their son from school. Oh, he’s serving a 20 year prison sentence for her attempted murder. She recovered just to be murdered allegedly by her own son, Sedrick Clayton from a previous marriage.  Anita was surrounded by men who did not know how to treat or appreciate the black women who gave them life, protected them, took their beatings, cheating, verbal and other abuse.  After a point of no return, Anita never had a chance.  Life just waited for the dbrism to take her life.

I can’t imagine the disdain, hatred and contempt Clayton had for his mother to murder her, wrap her up in a sheet and discard her in the woods like common garbage. The Police is taking this seriously and Clayton’s bail was raised to make sure he does not get out and hamper witnesses. But knowing criminals and some in my family, he can do this through surrogates. I hope it doesn’t happen and that he can get all that is coming to him. What a despicable piece of skin and cells.

And please don’t ask me about Irilmoskkomazella Washington. I don’t know him. I am still getting over him being a cousin and can’t even fathom the idiocy of his name. I just can’t.

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