Swirling and Marriage: 2014 Couple of the Year

Lynne Lo

Allen and Lynne Lo

Introducing the Swirling and Marriage 2014 Couple of the Year.  We see lots of beautiful, swirling couples on this site. Sometimes, one of these lovely couples stands apart from among the others. I came across this couple first on Pinterest and Facebook via The Swirl World. Adrienne London Leach of TSW put me in touch with Lynne. I contacted Lynne and we became friends earlier this year.

This beautiful, South African, Blasian couple is easily the Swirling and Marriage 2014 Couple of the Year. Allen and Lynne Lo are bringing the love for real. Looking at their wedding (and other) photographs, anyone can see that he can’t keep his hands off her. And they have a sweet story to boot.

Lynne met Allen as a teen at the mall. According to Lynne, it was love at first sight between she and Allen. Lynne is bubbly yet strong and confident in herself and the love Allen would have for her. They dated for just over a year and then became engaged. After being engaged for some time, Allen and Lynne decided together that marriage is the next step. They used all of 2013 to plan their wedding. It was stressful because Lynne’s mother was sick and hospitalized. Unfortunately, Allen’s family had no interest in their wedding but that did not matter in the end. Lynne and Allen got married in January 2014. Lynne says that her wedding was the best day of her life. She and Allen are so successful as a couple because together they are a team. Allen is a stand up man whose love for Lynne literally comes through the pictures. Strong in her faith, Lynne says about Allen: “I carry my husband in my soul and I pray for him more than I pray for myself. He is my life and my everything!” Lynne adds lovingly, “Beautiful, Blasian is in our future. (Yes, they say Blasian in South Africa). I can’t wait to give my husband a beautiful family.”

Allen on the other hand speaks as lovingly of Lynne as she does of him. He obviously loves Lynne’s family too. While looking through some of this fabulous couple’s photos, I saw how loving and tender Allen was toward Lynne’s ill mother. That is genuine love that comes from a special place. Sadly, Lynne’s mother passed away and Allen was the rock who was there for his lady.

All I see is a strong, special love that is sure to endure any test of time. Lynne and Allen seem to be on a permanent honeymoon. Enjoy these photographs as much as I did. Thank you Lynne and Allen Lo for sharing your lovely photographs and a little of your lives.

Lynne Lo 5

Lynne Lo 6

Lynne Lo 3

Lynne Lo cas 2A kiss to Lynne’s ailing mother from the inseparable love birds. So sweet, so touching. Look at the love. I can imagine these two dealing with her mother’s illness during such a happy occasion. I just have to admire them. It must have been hard.

Lynne Lo 7

Lynne Lo 4Lynne salutes Allen on his birthday with a wedding pic. Today we celebrate your birthday my love. Thank you for not changing one bit. The journey we chose to walk together is endless and I will walk it with you till end of time. Happy Birthday baby love you soooo much!!!!!! What a dedication!

Lynne Lo 8Just look what Allen says about his beloved Lynne: “I just love this wife of mine sooooooo much! #behind every successful man there stands a strong woman. My Wife is my everything. Love you baby.” LOVES IT!!! And this is what the romance novels are made of — a chapter all by itself.

Lynne Lo 2

More pics of this beautiful couple. What a treat!

Lynne Lo cas 1

Lynne Lo cas 3When I woke this morning my husband greeted me with this fabulous DKNY perfume gift. Ai, I’m blessed!!!

Lynne Lo cas 4

Lynne Lo cas 5

Lynne Lo cas 6

Lynne Lo cas 7

Lynne Lo birthday

Allen’s turn to celebrate Lynne’s birthday. “Wishing my beautiful, precious wife a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. With lots of love and blessings, may God continue to bless you forever and always. Thank you for being such an awesome wife to me, love you always mwsh. #let the party begin #celebrating my wife’s BIRTHDAY”

Lynne Lo cas 8

Lynne Lo cas 11

Lynne Lo cas 14

Lynne remembers her mother: RIP MOM. You gave life to me. Sad that I have lost you today but you’re better off in heaven with the angels. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. ‘Til we meet again!!!

Lynne Lo cas 15Allen remembers his mother in law. “Miss my mother in law very much. #RIP MA!!!!”

Lynne Lo cas 12

Lynne Lo cas 16

Lynne Lo cas 10

Lynne Lo cas 9

Lynne Lo 10Congrats and best wishes to Lynne and Allen for many many happy years to come!

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