BREAKING: “Dallas” Actor, Larry Hagman Dies at 81

This is a sad day. Larry Hagman, who defined what it means to be a bad guy, died today at 4:20 AM, according to TMZ.

I grew up watching “Dallas” when it was a it’s peak, and “J.R.” was the character everyone loved to hate. I saw the “Dallas” remake and saw how Hagman’s health has deteriorated. It was truly hard to watch. It looks like cancer got him–did you know that he says he was mostly drunk just about all the episodes from the original? Ah…to have a job where you can drink vodka all day and get paid for it. A couple drinks I’m completely ratchet at my job, which is why I get all my stories in before 5PM.

My favorite “J.R.” scenes were when he showed his humanity. He wasn’t all bad, but mostly bad. So when he’s show a different side to his mustache-twirling antics, people perpetually hoped that he would and could go from the dark side. What made his character most delicious was the while we all hoped “J.R.” would change, he eventually succumbed to his original, asshole-y self.

And who could forget the, “Who Shot J.R.?” season. Here’s to you, Larry.

What’s your favorite memory of Larry Hagman?