Come Hither: Dirty Old Man or Experienced Lover? Let’s Talk About it!!

sexy older man

Let me tell you something about me....... I'm, shall we say, energetic...... I've been burning the candle at both ends since my infant days. I … [Read more...]

This Article is for the Blerd: Star Trek And the Kiss That Rocked the Whole Entire Galaxy

star trek

Thanks to the great article about the emergence of #Blerds I no longer feel strange by admitting one of my secret Tracy-ism's. Latch key kids was the … [Read more...]

A Black Gay Man Reads This Blog. Find Out What He Thinks.

Yes, Cory, yes he is.

I got this note from, well, let's just call him "Cory." Hello Christelyn, I am a black gay man and I find your site a very useful tool in … [Read more...]