Man Candy Monday: Byung-Hun Lee

Good, the Bad, the Weird, the_Lee Byung-hun

I was hooked the moment I first saw Bruce Lee as a wee babe. Since that time Asian men have secretly been on my internal male objectification radar. … [Read more...]

A Black First Lady For Virginia — Why Not?


Robert and Astrid Sarvis pictured with son Harlan live in Annandale, VA.   Astrid Sarvis could possibly be Virginia's next first lady.  Does … [Read more...]

Getting Familiar with His Familia: Meeting His Family For the First Time


The word family can either cause the average person to break out in a huge smile while feeling those warm and tingly reminders of all things safe and … [Read more...]

Jaded Hearts: A Well Written Interracial Love Story

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‘Jaded Hearts’, volume one of The Jaded Hearts Club series, does away with the stereotypical billionaire and melting heroine, instead opting for a … [Read more...]

Video: Asian Men and Black Women Give Advice on How to Date Each Other

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I got a chance to meet up with one of the largest AM/BW groups (500 strong) while on my trip to New York last month. What was said was candid and … [Read more...]

Aye Papi…………One Woman’s Love Affair With Latino Men

Young Latin man

My hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey is a cultural melting pot, known as a 'stuck' town, consisting of newly arriving migrant people who end up … [Read more...]

Jenn M. Jackson Says, “Cheerios Commercial Philosophers, Have Several Seats”

cheerios ad little girl

Originally posted on Water Cooler Convos. Several folks have reached out to me wondering my opinion about the Cheerios ad heard 'round the world in … [Read more...]

Swirling Success in Sweden!


Got this note from "LB", a woman who ditched the naysayers and found her true love in Sweden. Here's her story, in her words... I found the love of … [Read more...]

Asian Mothers are CRAY!! Second Story I’ve Heard of Moms Threatening Suicide Over Black Girlfriends!

Asian mom

As much as I really would like to be super Gung-Ho about black women connecting with Asian men, an issue keeps coming up that I feel is so important … [Read more...]

Would you date a man who lived in ‘Hotel Mama’?


I was chatting it up with one of my gorgeous guy friends when he revealed an interesting tidbit about himself: he had lived with his parents until he … [Read more...]