New Study Reveals Black Women Viewed as “Masculine;” Asian Men Sterotyped “Feminine.” How This Affects Swirling.

The grotesque neck-twirling, lip screwed up ball-busting black woman is what many people think of when they conjure up images of black women.

A study released by Columbia Business School revealed that race is often assigned a gender along a spectrum. Black people are viewed as "masculine," … [Read more...]

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Fun With Your Foreign Boo’s Fam, Language Barrier Be Damned!


by: Ieishah Clelland On Honey’s birthday last spring, we headed to his brother’s house for a family get-together. It was my first time meeting … [Read more...]

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Blasian Fusion Couple: Andie and Ken (Part 3) – Forget the Blueprint


We’ve all had one, girls anyway, at one point or another.  That list you create when you’re dreaming of that special person.  You imagine what he … [Read more...]

Blog to Follow > > > The Blasian Narrative


I first found out about this blog when one of it's writers, Robert Darrien, reached out to me for a feature on SWIRLING. Check it out here. I … [Read more...]

Three Days Till Thanksgiving. Are You Ready to Meet His Parents?

turkey poop

It can be the most stressful event swirling couples go through. After it happens, some won't make it. Some will question everything. And some will … [Read more...]

Blasian Fusion Couple: Andie and Ken (Part 2) – Meet the Parents


If you missed Part 1, Click Here. Love can take you to some of the most surprising places. It can be radical or slow.  Or it can just meet you … [Read more...]

Blasian Fusion Couple: Andie and Ken (Part 1)

Andie and Ken

In 2007, two Brooklyn kids embarked on a five-year courtship that changed their lives forever.  Their story began like so many great love affairs…in … [Read more...]

Review: A dating site that actually gets you dates!


A dating site that actually gets you dates! Or so purports the founders of “” The premise is that users post ideas for dates, then … [Read more...]

Top Dating Sites for Women Who Want to Marry Internationally (or Nationally)

marriage proposal

This is a listing of dating sites that barely scratch the surface of what is out there. If you are interested in meeting men overseas I recommend … [Read more...]

A Black Gay Man Reads This Blog. Find Out What He Thinks.

Yes, Cory, yes he is.

I got this note from, well, let's just call him "Cory." Hello Christelyn, I am a black gay man and I find your site a very useful tool in … [Read more...]

Multiple Choices: The A, B, C’s of Romance

Aromatherapy: Your nose knows best, so what scent turns you on? Certain smells can brings your mate to a homey and comfortable place and time. Find … [Read more...]