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St. Paddy’s Day Special – Where to meet Irish Men

Written by Nicole J.

Aidan Turner, Robert Sheehan, Cillian Murphy, Michael Fassbender, (Northern Irish) Jamie Dornan…Irish men are definitely some lookers. The red hair, the incredible accents, what’s not to love about an Irish guy? With St. Patrick’s Day coming up this month, here are some places to consider if you’re hoping to get lucky with a man from the Emerald Isle.

  • Travel

    Obviously, the best place to meet Irish men is in Ireland! Round trip nonstop flights to Dublin can cost as little as $600 (or less!) during the winter off-peak travel time. If you do go then, though, be sure to pack a raincoat and a sturdy umbrella, because it will rain, a lot. You and your friends could plan a girls’ trip and hit hotspots like Trinity College, Temple Bar, and the many museums the Irish capital has to offer. If you can venture up to Northern Ireland, the picturesque Giant’s Causeway and educational Titanic Museum are also worth adding to your travel itinerary. You never know what luck may have in store for you in the relationship department…

  • Rugby

    If you’re into sports, rugby is another way you can meet native Irishmen. The best way I’ve heard rugby described is that it’s like American football, without the helmets, padding or scandals. Find your local Irish pub and pop in while the Six Nations Championship games are going on (February to March), and you might get a “try” (rugby term) with an Irish guy!

  • Online

    Thanks to the Internet, the world is smaller than ever. If you’re really keen on meeting an Irishman to make your beau, cast a wider geographical net on your dating profile to include men from across the pond. If you find someone you click with though, you’ll have to do extra checks to make sure you’re not getting scammed. And if you decide that it’s worth pursuing a long distance relationship, make sure you both speak openly about the terms, and if it’s getting serious, have a goal in mind on when you both will close the distance.

How about you? What has been your experience with Irish men? Let us know in the comments!

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