Video Interview: One Asian Guy’s Take on AM/BW Relationships

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Our very own Ricky T in my backyard talking SWIRLING, Asian men, black women, and interracial dating. … [Read more...]

This Won’t Make Me Eat More McDonald’s, But…

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This Asian guy is super adorable. … [Read more...]

Keeping the Race Together or Keeping You Under Control?


Christelyn's new book is on the threshold of release as I'm typing this. And with that news comes the necessary promotion and word spreading you … [Read more...]

Swirling double-standards: Does blaming the opposite sex for dating out work both ways?

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I've seen the following observation spoken in so many ways before. However, I felt Kathy Henry's comment in Jamila's "Why So Much Hate For Black Women … [Read more...]

No; You’re Not Just Being Paranoid. Black Media Really DON’T Want Black Women to Swirl.

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There have been people (mostly; well...all) who have complained that writing "Swirling" was completely unnecessary. After all, it's 2012! Black folks … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Just in Time for “East-Over:” How Alex Barnett Celebrates in an Interracial and Intercultural Family

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OMG this is hilarious... … [Read more...]

What Actually Constitutes “Swirling”?

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For some black women who are dating out exclusively or who maintain the interest of keeping their swirling options open, there are a couple of schools … [Read more...]

If I Prioritize Getting Married, Will That Make Me Look Desperate?

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I want to get married. I think that the first step to getting the things in life that you want most of all is to admit to yourself that you want those … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Legit Snubbing or Looking To Be Offended?

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I was inspired to bring this question up myself because of a recent conversation on our fan page. A rainbeau took his black girlfriend out wine … [Read more...]

“Goddess” and a “Hottie” Sitting in a Tree…

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When I saw this picture on my news feed I was just tickled to death. Well, near death. I love that Niki Chambers, a former BB&W Goddess, and … [Read more...]