Anybody Find Love Through Online Gaming or Apps?


It's just something I've been chewing on for awhile. And since February is the commercially-appointed month of luv, I'm curious if there's some unique … [Read more...]

AT LAST! An Online Dating Site All About Putting a Ring On It!

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Just when some of you were ready to pack up your marbles and leave the whole online thing, or at least use your net time playing online games like … [Read more...]

How They Met: Ed and Deidre!


Ed and I met at the skating rink. I remember the first time I saw him I thought he was a nice looking older white man but why is he here with all … [Read more...]

Meditations for the Good Date Fairy? Abiola Abrams Talks with “Spirit Junkie” author, Gabrielle Bernstein

Abiola Abrams at Women's Empowerment Summit

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Swirl Love in the Netherlands: Meet This Newly-Engaged Couple!


What a way to ring in the new year--a proposal from your fancy-schmancy publisher boyfriend. Meet Claudia, 40, newly affianced to Pieter (is that … [Read more...]

Is Your Career Leading You to a Man Mecca or a Mirage?

black women on couch

Black women are not working where the eligible men are also working. The result: black women have fewer opportunities for 'dating, mating, and … [Read more...]

Get Over It! Rainbow Men Like Their Women Skinny!

I don't care what color you are, that body is healthy and hawt!

_________________________________________ Blast from the Past! Brought back for our current audience to read & comment on. Originally … [Read more...]

OMG, Have You Seen “Wedding Nouveau?!”

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Wowzers. Sometimes I come upon stuff kinda late, but I simply MUST give kudos, high praise and big ups to Fri Forjindam, founder and editorial … [Read more...]

BB&W After Dark: So…Your Man Has a Foot Fetish….Now What?!

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So you’ve been with your special person for _________(fill in the blank) amount of years/months/weeks and somehow or another its come to your … [Read more...]

Matchmaker, Paul Carrick Brunson Put to the Test: BB&W Crew Member Review


Review: One Degree from Me/Paul Carrick Brunson By Dani Like many of the regular posters here, a few years ago I realized that I had fallen into … [Read more...]

Video Interview: Jordan Harbinger On the Dating and Mating Practices of Rainbeaus!

Me and Jordan

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