MAN CANDY MONDAY: 50 Shades of Bae’

When I tell you that I’m all about sexy guys and making real life love connections I need you to know I’m so sincere! If I wasn’t I wouldn’t have complied this list of 50 Man Candy treats made of all types of shades and colors of delectable male humans. Looking at pictures through a monitor is only an exercise, the real test of skill comes when you decide what type of man pleases your eye, then it’s up to you to snag your clone crush and run away into the sunset.


dalton jackson

  1. alton Jackson @daltonjackson (IG) Billy Huxley
  2. Billy Huxley @Billyhuxley (IG) is a former roofer. This tattooed East London gent went supermodel on the world while out of work and spotted by a person with very good eyesight. marco rizzo
  3. Marco Rizzo @_bacco_ (IG) Than Morales
  4. Than Morales @thanmorales (Twitter) has the most adorable smirk/smile. He doesn’t have many followers and seems to RT everything said to him.Adam Ayash
  5. Adam Ayash @alldayadam_aye (IG)516d55066653085e6ef19c8956093846
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  9. b57009ba6f5a675b8d1f9af40d24bf71
  10. 0bfd9ed0500e4908596a024c1ab92768
  11. bfba2992e0c43e6526afb849adda7fd0
  12. 8e8b098887fda82a8f025b09fb663f6d
  13. 5a85b0bf3b498364f0abbc1fcfca307a
  14. 601282dbf7d97371951f272e1fc2f2d4
  15. 9f001effe502248cd9ef0aa33413cb43
  16. e21dea48411dd1a0de6b92cd1f934977
  17. 7f5c02ac253acde9220a2cfe70a77e02
  18. f20d3eabf96e56e691604f66d520bdf0
  19. d496ceb96a9b7dec7e33d89649f899f5
  20. 7ef089bd11b155f092da98c77ebc1a6b
  21. 0cde66c3de94de1ebd22a9dccee58199
  22. bcf14ece09b064dad3350eb88f1c6433
  23. 899e25b7f4c35b213962b0b908e719c3
  24. tumblr_mgzlm5K14S1rny9qso1_500
  25. Screen-Shot-2014-01-08-at-11.48.55-PM
  26. instagram-hmotb-5
  27. aea33d956c8dbf3a9623218e3a5207b3
  28. a49ddc119b53b19038333e86060bc9ff
  29. 7453512904da312040cdd3697609e644
  30. 15d9ea114b8a5afb59667c6309c81e07
  31. omar-hardwick-power-starz
  32. men_actors_colin_farrell_faces_m19905
  33. kinopoisk.ru
  34. daniel_henney
  35. taeyang-11
  36. cc482fb64bb520f90f0284d2519e4768
  37. i-am-rob-evans
  38. italainfinal
  39. evan-evan-thomas-peters-27631122-500-464
  40. Gerry-gerard-butler-12419263-1617-2000
  41. c5cf82d5ebce1391e202f5071ddaeea3
  42. ea55b77655f31e6ef2fc5699741a1bae
  43. harry-1
  44. 3ce7fb4af79d08b5466c3bbfc4075e5d
  45. 9751c92f5ef483223f87b87c6a683c86
  46. taylor-lautner-162893
  47. f0c931bba7dca9816ec5e933ed833d7b
  48. tumblr_m60byyiL4M1qd9433o1_1280
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