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Is Robert Pattinson a Lame Swirler? Leaves Black Girlfriend to Save Himself From Online Bullies!


Tracy Renee Jones

Okay, so Robert Pattinson is dating UK singer FKA Twigs, a black woman, and his fans aren’t too pleased with the situation. I guess the notorious Twilight Stans would rather see the ambiguously dazed Pattinson with Kristen Stewart even after she screwed around on him and damaged the entire Twighlight brand.

Nevertheless, social media had much to say about the romance between Robert and Twigs. Most of which involved hate filled language and racial slurs including referring to the entertainer as a ‘monkey’.

Twigs took to Twitter to challenge the keyboard thugs, but strangely enough, Pattinson has been silent about the issue both in the media and online.


Neither comment, nor defense has been heard from the actor. Has Robert Pattinson left the building and caused FKA to be a Strong Black Woman who must defend herself?

Do you think she asked him to not participate or maybe he’s taking ‘the high road’, by ignoring the online racism and bullying? Some folks believe ignorance doesn’t warrant a response. Either way, in instances where interracial couples are faced with opposition from outsiders, a united front is the best way to show instigators that you will not allow the opinion of others to shake the house that you built.

How would you feel if you were the victim in such a situation?

In real life, on Facebook, or otherwise, would it be okay if your RainBoo kept mum while you’re getting pelted with racism or would you expect him to speak up on your behalf?

How would you feel if he didn’t?

Is Robert Pattinson a lame Swirler by staying quiet?

You tell me.

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