Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men

Answering My Own Question: YES; Asian Men ARE a Thing…a VERY GOOD Thing…

OMG…I have to just say that I am so grateful that my work allows me to meet people from so many walks of life. Because I’ve got to be honest..they Asian men I’ve met online are some of the most charming, down-to-earth, funny, and sexy men ever! I’m like, “Damn! Where were ya’ll when I was single?!”

We had a great conversation last Friday, featuring several panelists discussing the up and downs, highs and lows of dating Asian men, and it was a ball. Everyone had a lot to say–some more than others lol–but I think you all can really get something out of the conversation. Melodic Mic is hot as hell. Whew!

When I did a cattle call to reach out to various Asian men to weigh in on the topic of interracial dating and black women, I was pleasantly surprised that my inbox overflowed with men, YES MEN, who wanted YOU know know what was on their minds. I got to chat we a few, and one of them is Daniel, a 28-year-old operations manager at HBO, first generation Chinese American, 6’3. Yes…six foot three. He was so charming and full of masculine energy…he had no problem telling me that “If you were in New York, we’d be dating.” Of course we wouldn’t…you know…cuz I’m married with four kids and all (he didn’t know that) but I was massively impressed with his self-assurance. Here’s what he wrote me in his initial email: “Just wanted to share some thoughts. Asian men have faced many difficulties in terms of being labeled as Asexual. Listen, Stereotyping never flies with me. I’m very diverse and I date any women who is attractive inside and out. If dating someone like me isn’t a trend. I’d probably make it a mission to date Asian men a trend.”

That’s so damn sexy, is it not, ladies? Oh; and Daniel told me to tell you beautiful ladies that he’s available. 😉 I’m not going to blast his email on this blog, because doing so is tantamount to writing it in a bathroom stall, but if you’re interested, email me at [email protected]. Note: Daniel resides in New York City.



Then I also spoke with a “blasian” man who is Korean and black, in a relationship with a Jamaican girl. Here’s what he told me about him and his boo:

We first spoke on facebook. We had a couple mutual friends on facebook and she saw me comment on someones status and added me. What i found most attractive about her at first from her pictures was the fact that she was really cute, she had an adorable smile, didn’t wear a lot of makeup, and she kept het hair natural. After speaking with her for a couple weeks i fell for her cause of how smart, simple, and down to earth she was. She was completely unlike any girl I’ve ever seen or spoken to. I am Asian mixed with black; however the majority of my family is Asian. The mix of black came from my grandmother. She was the first black person to be introduced to the family. My parents are really cool with my girlfriend. Since they’ve met her they’ve been hospitable and kind to her. Even though they’ve been so cool with us dating my mother asks if I’m sure she’s right for me. Before my girlfriend my mother would tell me she’d like if i dated this Asian friend of mine. My friends don’t have a problem with her either they just find it crazy because she still lives in Jamaica and I live here in Miami


So yes; dating Asian men IS a good option, but move forward with a little common sense.

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