QOTW: “How Do I Protect My Girlfriend From Racist Family Members?”

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The question... "Here's my dilemma: To make a long story short, one of my two sisters, my father, and I are the only three in my entire family that … [Read more...]

Another You Tube Couple Shares Their Story: Val & Andrew

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After our first feature of one of the fabulous You Tube couples that follow this blog, I got this note... "We are Val & Andrew. I'm from the … [Read more...]

Let Um Know…. I’m Not Here for THAT!!

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Time for a public service announcement from the good people that occupy the head space of Tracy Renee Jones. Read for clarity and content if you never … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Enough to Share, Sexy Twins For You and a Friend

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You ever been somewhere and seen a hot guy? Then as you gaze another hot guy shows up, and then you do a double take as you realize the hot guys are … [Read more...]

Congrats, David and Iman, for 22 Years of Wedded Bliss!

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I remember when it was announced that David Bowie and Iman were a thing, and that that grew into a marriage. It was the early 90's, and interracial … [Read more...]

Interracial Couple Speaks Candidly About Public Onlookers

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It's funny. I never really know who all follows me on my You Tube channel...apparently there's quite a lot...and when I get a free moment I'll check … [Read more...]

EarthJeff: Swirling on Planet Earth Part 14 – The Journey Continues


  Yes, silly old EarthJeff is back.  Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey.  While I hate quoting Miley Cyrus… it is … [Read more...]

QOTW: White Woman Asks, “How Can I Get My Family to Accept My Black Boyfriend?”

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While this question is from a white woman dating a black man, the advice is universal for all interracial combinations. We dedicate an entire chapter … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Sexy Men Doing Yoga

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I must admit, I like a man that is in tune with his body. Athletes and health conscious individuals are more than likely to have what I desire, … [Read more...]

And This is Why We Still Talk About Black Men On Beyond Black & White.

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People often wonder why this site sometimes discusses the relationships black men have with black women. The criticism is often, "If you've moved on … [Read more...]