Hottie of the Week: ‘ANTONIO!’ Uh…I Mean, Nicholas Russo


First off, I call every I-tal-ian guy I know 'Antonio.' In my mind, ANTONIO is talk, dark, sexy, with beautiful lips and eyes, and speaks to me in … [Read more...]

Hottie of the Week: Daniel Demaline


Daniel, 39, is a six-foot-plus Louisiana bundle of hawtness. Look at those ridiculously big blue eyes. He's been married once to a black woman, but … [Read more...]

Evia Is Right: “DBR” Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes.

cute puppy with head gear

Evia is the QUEEN of vetting, which DOES not have ANYTHING to do with veterinarians, but EVERYTHING to do with knowing how to choose a quality mate. … [Read more...]

The “Hottie of the Week” That Never Was.

pakistani douche

I swear. Sometimes I think Facebook should be renamed Assbook. Because--I swear--I'm not bragging, but I can get the sketchiest of characters trying … [Read more...]

Hottie of the Week: A “Bonanno”!!


With a name like that, it was impossible to resist teasing him about it. All the mafia movies I grew up loving--Good Fellas, The Godfather, and the … [Read more...]

Hottie of the Week: ‘Virgin’ Swirler, Fong O’Hsu


You know how you can sometimes look as someone's picture and think, "Hey, he seems like a really nice guy!" Yes; I'm sure people said that about Ted … [Read more...]

Hottie of the Week: Rough-Around the Edges New Zealander, Timothy Sant


Tim looks like one of those boys your mother warned you about--tough guy, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, but you like him anyway because … [Read more...]

Hottie of the Week: Chinese Candy.


Lawdhammersee! Had to break from the birthday festivities to post this, because I'm a giver. Especially if what I give is a sexy, Chinese, model … [Read more...]

(Puerto Rican) Hottie of the Week: Tattoo Artist, Ricky Rosa


I met New York native Ricky Rosa on a Facebook group dedicated to Mexican men who love black women. But Ricky is not Mexican. He's a sexy Puerto Rican … [Read more...]

Update! Former “Hottie” Gets Hooked Up! Update: Live Interview!

david and chibi

Y'all remember David Vang, the Hmong with the Barry White voice? Well he hooked up with his online sweetie yesterday, and I can only imagine that … [Read more...]