Hottie of the Week

Double Dose! (Young) Hottie of the Week: Keegan McGregor!

Since some of you were complaining about having two taken “Hotties” over the passed two weeks, I’ve decided to make it up to you. Two in one day, so stop your complaining already.

I met Keegan, (twenty-ish) while filming a video I’m working on about maximizing your dating options in college. Here’s some extra footage with our “Hottie:”

I don’t know what’s in the water in the Mid West, but why are all the guys there so HAWT?! I mean, corn fed, beef-eating, straight, shiny teeth-having fine dudes? With a name like “McGregor,” you know where his peeps are from. But like most students at the University of Riverside, which so happens to be one of the most diverse universities in the UC system, and was on the hit show Undercover Boss, Keegan’s mind and heart are wide open.

Now I’m warning you all. He is NOT, I repeat NOT, ready to settle down just yet, so don’t be putting your name with his, talkin’ bout, “I’m gonna be Mrs. LaKeisha McGregor!” He’s in his early twenties, having fun, loving life, being hella sexy. Enjoy it for what it is, girls. He’s an engineering major, travels back and forth from So Cal to Berkley, where his mother lives, and is a member of the fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma. I’m not a fan of frats, but this group does a lot of volunteer work, and I can co-sign that.

Have at him, girls. Find and friend Keegan here.

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