Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week! Our First Black Dude, Todd “Hot Dreadlocks” Hunter!

It feels kinda funny to say that, because chocolate men are rainbeaus too, right? I just don’t highlight them because frankly, they don’t really need my help finding dates. As one obnoxious black male, blogger on Madame Noire said yesterday,

I dated women with many characteristics I desired, but when they were deficient in one or two significant physical or personality aspects, I made an effort but ultimately flew the coop. Initially I always felt like an a$$hole, but I ultimately realized that I should never sell myself short, especially in a city like Chicago teeming with single, cute, eligible honeys looking for a stone and someone to bring home for Easter Sunday.

Look and learn newbies. This is what a lot of black men think but never say out loud, so I’m glad this dude said this because I’m memorializing it in the book. You hangers-on to “black love only” will do it at the sacrifice of your body, mind and spirit.

But…Todd is different. HE GETS IT. Do you know how I know? He’s my book editor at Simon & Schuster for the upcoming, Swirling: How to Date, Mate & Relate, Mixing Race, Culture & Creed. He looks at the numbers, and he understands that black women are at a dating disadvantage, and he advocates sistahs to explore all their options. He’s an equal-opportunity dater, and he thinks black women should be too.

Todd is 31, single, educated (undergrad at Temple, grad school at Dexel), lives in New York and works in Manhattan. He’s sweet humble, a bit shy, and his dreads are HAWT!

While he’s upwardly mobile and in career mode, he’s focusing on climbing the ranks of the publishing industry, so he’s not quite ready to take the marriage plunge yet, but his heart remains open to the possibilities.

His type? He told me he could get INSANELY attached to these lady-types:

Sanaa Lathan

and ball-busting Lucy Liu


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