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Hottie of the Week: Rolling with Horror Film Maker, Joe Wheeler

Not only is this former boxer-turned DJ-turned author-turned independant film maker cute with a HAWT body to match, 29-year-old Joe Wheeler seems like a really nice guy looking for a long term relationship.

“That’s what I want. No more of this running about,” he says.

And what he’s looking for is you. Although Joe is new to dating women of color, after one relationship with a UK chocolate sister, he finds we’re the only ones to turn his head nowdays.

There’s an old saying about that…it’s right on the tip of my tongue…

Anyway, Joe is not an “average” Joe. He’s a BIG cup of Joe.

And if you’re a horror junkie, all the better, because that’s what he does:

I started off as a boxer/cage fighter fought for a title but had to give up due to my health, at the same time I was into recording my own music and djing and had a small career running a record label of my own and releasing some cd’s… I then made a music video and decided back in 2008 that I wanted to make a horror film, so i spent all of 2008 planning, researching, learning things myself and in 2009 I began filming my very own film which I directed, wrote, did the cameras, edited and released myself (also funded it myself lol) and I played the part of two characters… only problem is because there is a controversial scene in the film it got banned in a lot of places….

I’m now about to work on my second movie which again I’m writing, directing and funding myself but this time I’ve more money to invest in it and it will be released as a dvd, blue ray and in 3D as well as 2D.

The second film is based on the idea of a book I wrote, which is a sci fi, the book is on amazon and is called The Journey to the Darkside of the Moon by Just Joe…

Here’s a sample of his work:

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