Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Todd Lewis

Last week on Father’s Day I showcased The Hubster as HOTW. More than just a tribute to how awesome he is, I highlighted and posted pictures tactically–I want young, single girls to know what a good man looks like. What he does, not just what he says. I go into detail about this in the book, because I think that a combination of the high percentage of women raised without fathers, destructive messages about how we should be entitled to have sex like nyphomatic cave women, with a generous helping of hook up and hip hop culture, have created a cluster cuss that makes it hard to recognize what exactly, a real “Hottie” is.

That’s why I’m letting Jessica, fellow member of the BB&W crew, highlight her own personal (taken) hottie:


Thank you for allowing me to submit my rainbeau for consideration. Although he is taken, I’d like to honor him by telling the site why we should be selected … even if he is NOT single.

Todd Lewis is a kind, sweet and giving person. He is currently working on his PhD in Polymer Engineering within the University of Akron’s Polymer Science division. He is also a working as a Research Scientist at Americhem in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

This rainbeau has a unique mix of interests ranging from John Deere tractors, Project Runway, studying the design and mold of Sephora’s plastic cosmetic containers to teaching me to change my tires and check my own oil. Todd is a dedicated family man. When he is not spending his free time in Sephora, thrift shopping or being dragged to farmer’s markets (by moi), he is checking in with his extensive family, making sure his mother father aunts nieces and siblings in laws are all thriving.

For our first winter together, he purchased and refurbished a John Deere snow blower for my father. My father, upon peeking out the window, nearly exploded out the door and hugged Todd tightly. My father is usually the GIVER of kind gifts, not the receiver. And to be clear, has NEVER hugged any of my boyfriends. I’ve never been in a relationship that has given me more personally, with my partner also working alongside me to develop our professional future. His vote of confidence has allowed me to creatively and professionally blossom. We constantly keep the lines of communication open, which is so important when making a relationship work in a town which has the nick-name “Caucasian Falls” (uh-oh).

In a society that does not showcase the black princess, my rainbeau Todd seems to have missed that memo. I’m spoiled, and there is no turning back now. I understand that the above may be a soppy love letter, but if Todd has one flaw, its the giving and receiving of tangible gifts. Should he be featured as the “Hottie of the Week,” I think this would be a surprising gesture of gratitude he could take in stride.


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