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Update! Former “Hottie” Gets Hooked Up! Update: Live Interview!

Y’all remember David Vang, the Hmong with the Barry White voice? Well he hooked up with his online sweetie yesterday, and I can only imagine that they might not come up for air anytime soon, and Chibi, do something about those thin walls because I could swear I heard someone say, “Daddy!” all the way from Maryland. Hey David, did you sing, “You’re My First, My Last, My Everything?” Or this one?

Of course I could have mistaken that squeal for The Babster, who really did want her daddy. So you’ll have to tell me later if that was you or not, okay? Inquiring and perverted minds want to know.

David packed a bag and flew from Colorado to meet Chibi in person in Maryland. Till now, it’s all be online syrupy exchanges of affection that all of us on the Facebook community, Asian Men and Black Women United have been subjected to. We were all, “Get a room!”


UPDATE!!! Just got off the horn with David and Chibi and they dish on what it was like to FINALLY meet, and what they think they’re kids will look like. (just kidding about that last part, but I BET they’re thinking it)

Warning: This might be my worst interview yet. The sound was good; yes. But my neurotic psychiatrist kept calling me. And then I kept laughing like a hyena. But I think you can still get a kick out of it.

David and Chibi interview by Christelyn

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