Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Greek Weeeeeeeeekkkkkk!

Well techically, it’s a new week. But when you’re a freelance writer, all the days just bleed together into one big blob. So now, I, as the SUPREME LEADER OF BB&W, now proclaim there are eight days in a week.

To piggy-back off of the debut of “Goddess of the Week,” where we featured the very cute-a-licious Vonnie Stewart, I give you the handsome and refined, Giorgos Argiriadis, at real-life Greek who lives…guess where:




Giorgos is divorced with two BEAUTIFUL children–the oldest is 23. He lives in Piraeus, the port of capital Athens, Greece. He works at some unpronounceable place called ελευθερος επαγγελματιας (surprise me and comment with what that means in English, will you?) Obviously he is biligual, and was educated in London. From the looks of his Facebook page, he likes music–a lot.

Friend him here.

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