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Hottie of the Week: The Scientist Who’s Putting the Smackdown on Dr. Kanazawa

Welp, thank your lucky stars the world didn’t end yesterday. Otherwise, you would have missed out on meeting hero hottie, Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D today.

But you don’t have to be all hoity-toity about his name; he prefers the non-pretentious, “Dr. Scott.”

This 31-year-old Yale and Cambridge-educated cognitive scientist put the e-smack down on the author of the infamous “Why Black Women Are Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women” psychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa. Dr. Scott and his crew wrote a REAL scientifically sound rebuttal which you can read here.

*In my shrillest mother’s voice* Did you click the link? You’d better do it before you read on, or the rest of the post might not make sense to you.


Now that you know Dr. Scott has a nice, BIG brain, don’t start making assumptions about his personality–he’s an American Idol junkie, and this classically-trained singer tried out (and got rejected) from the show twice. He was also part of a hip hop dance group during his King’s College days. He also loves BET, but I won’t hold that against him.

Because of his focus on personality psychology, I thought he’d be a good interview and source for a particular chapter of the book I’m working on, but in the course of conversation, I discovered he had a fondness for black women, so I told him he was going to be this week’s HOTW.

Here’s what he said: “You mean I may have beautiful black women contacting me?! Oh my God I think this is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life!”

Dr. Scott, who is a non-practicing Jew, says that for his whole life, the women he’s been most attracted to were black with “junk in the trunk.”

I’ll just pause for a moment while you take that in.

While he’s in his early thirties, Dr. Scott doesn’t have a particular age preference, but has a general range from legal to 45. So all you junk-in-trunk carriers can contact this hottie at [email protected].

Read his “Beautiful Minds” blog on Psychology Today here.

Find and fan him on Facebook here.

Check out his column on The Huffington Post here.


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