Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Part Puerto Rican, Part Mexican, 100% FIIONE!!

I e-met David Hererra on a Facebook page dedicated to black women who lurves them some Mexican men. Took a quick look at the dudes, and my super-hottie radar honed in. Now I’m just telling you up front, David is like 20, so don’t be putting your first name with his last name to see how good it sounds.

But if you’re a young college girl…GET IT! Then tell us old folks about it afterwards.

I’m 20 years old, and studying international business. For fun, I do a lot of things, for example, go clubbing, hang out with my friends and stuff like that. I also practice MMA and football in my free time on weekdays. I’m kinda mixed Mexican/Puerto Rican and I speak Spanish too.

I personally believe that all women are beautiful regardless of their race, each one is beautiful in their own way. I’m looking for a a girl (for a realtionship) [thats] full of confidence, trust, a lot of fun– because I can get bored fast. Most important [I want] that special girl who keeps my attention all day.

I ask him, what the heck a girl is supposed to do to amuse him all day. Juggle? Do hat tricks? Whaaaaat?

By her personality, which is to be smart, always have a topic to talk about, be independent, always doing sports activities, she has to love football because it is one of my favorite things (if she does she already got me!, and obviously has to be beautiful for my eyes.

There’s a lot of talk on this board about colorism in the latin community–light=good, dark=not so much. What’s your take?

Thats right, we have too many skin tones in our community for the great diversity of races that exist in Latin America, but I think we are all equal human beings and the skin should not be something to be taken too seriously, you know.

I ask him what his favorite female body part is, and he tells me “the butt.” I chuckle and say, “It’s no wonder you like black girls.”

“Ahah thats for sure my friend, i love black girls!!”

So besides going to college, playing football and being obsenely gorgeous, what else do you like to do? He tells me in ‘Spanglish’:

I like to listen to rap and R&B. Y para bailar la salsa, merengue o reggaeton. By the way i love to dance! I’m latin you know its in my blood.. lol :p

*Off to find the smelling salts…*

Well, smart, pretty, and gregarious football lovers (19-24), have at David. Tackle him…er…I mean, hit him up on Facebook here.

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