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Hottie of the Week: Meet the ‘Barry White’ of Asians.

I just met David Vang on a very in-ter-esting Facebook fan page, called Asian Men and Black Women Unite. I gotta admit, the page fascinates me, because I had no effing clue Asian men thought we were so hawt! I’ll be writing more about this for the blog and the book, because I think there are some unique concerns regarding assimilating in an Asian family, but this guy has no such issues about dating and marrying a chocolate sistah whatsoeva.

Had a quick interview with him, and he seems really nice, but the disclaimer still stands: Don’t come crying to me if he kills you.

What are you looking for in a woman?

I want a woman who can appreciate me for me. Someone who can keep up with me. I want a woman who will still stand by me and support me and not think about cheating on me even if we get into an argument because I would still stand by and support her. Someone who understands that it’s about US instead of me or her only. Most of all, a woman who will bring out the best of me as I will always be sure to bring out the best in her.

So, what makes you hot, David?

My confidence is what makes me a hottie. Ne-Yo put it best when he said he was Sexy For No Reason (SFNR). He knows he’s not as “pretty” as the rest of the artists like Usher and Chris Brown but knows his confidence is what makes him sexy. I feel the same way. I know what I want and who I am. I don’t need any validation either because I’m just sure of myself. For the record, I’m not cocky, I’m confident in myself. There’s a huge difference. Another thing, is my voice. I’ve been told by many women it helps sooth and relaxs them as well as turns them on. I’ve been called the Barry White of the Asian people, lol.

How old are you, and what do you like to do for fun?

I will be turning 26 on the 28th of May. I like to go out and spend time with my family as my family helped shaped me to who I am today. I like to TRY and dance with friends and family, lol. I love to go up to the mountains and hike since Colorado has so many things to explore. I love fishing. I love the arts whether it’s theater, dancing, music, etc. As far as relationships go, I’d like to make a friend first because I believe that the basics of any relationship is friendship. From there I wouldn’t mind seeing where it goes. I would prefer a long term relationship and see what the possibilities are between me and her.

You’re from Hmong. Tell me more.

The word Hmong means “free people” and “mountain people”. According to history we were in China before it became China. We lived in the mountains, hence the meaning of our name. Once the Chinese came in, they took the flat lands and wanted to expand their empire into the mountains. We fought back but lost. From there we scattered all over Asia. Some went to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc while others stayed in China. My people are better known from coming over from Laos as we helped the U.S. during the Vietnam war. Once the war was lost, the U.S. agreed to bring my people over. We have our own native language which is Hmong. Whatever country we are born in, we speak our native language plus the language of that country.

What makes you particularly fond of black women?

I’ve always had an attraction towards black women since I grew up around a lot of black people all my life. I love how black women can be so strong and independent. Seeing that attribute in black women makes me know that I will have a GREAT woman not standing behind me but beside me. I love how passionate black women are. The passion that pours out from their soul when they speak is something that’s just genuine. Most of all, I just believe that black women are sexy and beautiful. Black women just got me all twisted, lol.

UPDATE: So since I was skeptical about David’s voice, he welcomed me to hear for myself. So we did an inproptu interview, and what he had to say about Asain male and Black female relationships might prove useful:

David Vang by Christelyn

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