Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: The Hubster!!

Since it’s Father’s Day, I figured it would be prime time to flaunt my guy as a hottie. Not just because he’s super-cute, but because he’s a KICK ASS husband, father, provider, genius Mr. Fix-it, and all-around smarty-pants. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of every home improvement, real estate, food, automobile, wilderness survival reality show on HGTV, TLC, BBC, Discovery and whatever other channel they’re on.

I try not to ask questions. He is to home/gadget/food reality shows as I am to Lifetime movies and Young & The Restless. Somehow, it works anyway.

We went to church yesterday and had a substitute pastor, which is kind of like going to a concert and expecting U2 but instead getting middle-aged wanna-be’s who barely know the words to “Beautiful Day.” So we just passed hilarious notes and drawings back and forth to each other the whole service, and exchanged barely-muffled giggles. It reminded me why I fell in love with this dude in the first place.

After dinner out, Chloe (aka Clo Clo) begged, pleaded and nagged to go to the park and blow off some steam before bedtime. He was tired–I knew that because he’d gone to work earlier that day and had a busy work week. He made a U-turn, and we all went to the park. We did parent stuff. We spun the kids around (with the exception of Maxi-Me because she’s adult sized, so she helped spin the kids until they walked sideways), we had a family race, and his competitive be-hind wouldn’t let Maxi-Me win, because he has to show off his running skills, but the next time, he let me win.

My “hottie” in pictures:

And for those who really want me to pour on the mushy:

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