Intimacy Is Not Built Through Sex. Surprised?

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  A couple of months ago, I downloaded Tinder after hearing good things about it. And in one month’s time, I had four dates with three guys, … [Read more...]

Femininity Series, Part One: “What Does It Mean to Be Feminine, and How Does That Affect Attraction?”

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The topic of femininity is so polarizing. On one end, you have women who feel like even the discussion of femininity is a threat to feminism, and … [Read more...]

Tired of Feeling Like the Dude? BB&W Fan and Friend, ‘Nicole Abundance’ Gives Lessons in Femininity

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Let's face it: gender neutrality is confusing. So let's just celebrate being girls, shall we? Long-time BB&W fan, 'Nicole Abundance' has creating … [Read more...]

My True Confession: I Advocate Swirling Because I Was the Black Man’s Cast Off.

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A very strange and angry black man called Sergeant Willie Pete is enraged by me. He's enraged because he took a comment I said in a You Tube video in … [Read more...]

What is Wrong with the Black Man? (Written by a Black Man)

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Someone posted a quote from this citation on my You Tube channel and could hardly believe it was written by a Nigerian man. I'm reposting it, knowing … [Read more...]

Taking Off Your Desperation


I discovered the fabulous Ava DuVernay when it was announced she’d be directing an episode of my favorite TV show, Scandal (the episode will air on … [Read more...]

Princess Learns the Hard Way “Project Help a Brutha” Often Ends in Disaster

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Before I show the excerpt of this woman's formal statement, I need to make myself clear so as to stave off the fire-breathing ass weasels who will … [Read more...]

Should White Men Be Telling Black Women’s Stories? Yep; If They’re Swirling. ;-)


The majority the dudes writing stories about black women were probably raised by single moms and think we're not supposed to have a feminine bone in … [Read more...]

Black Woman Stages of Grief: The Acceptance Stage

Burial Casket

This post is the long overdue conclusion to my series on the "Black Woman Stages of Grief". You can see Part I and Part II here. I think this took … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus Isn’t the Only Dingbat Co-Opting What She *Thinks* is Black Culture.


So yeah, I watched with fistfuls of popcorn and copious amounts of tea as the media tore a hole into the ass-end of Miley Cyrus' nude bikini over her … [Read more...]