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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Trigger Warning

Before I begin, I will commence this blog with a trigger warning. This blog post is not suitable for all audiences. We will be discussing the issue of weight, content which may be disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

I got so excited writing about things to leave behind in 2019, that I ended up writing more than I had planned. In this piece, I will focus more on what we are looking forward to in 2020. It is important for us to have a forward-looking focus, to see how we can become the IT girls of our universe. Here is a brief list of my New Year’s Resolutions, and some that you can consider pas well. I hope you will enjoy this article. 

Healthy lifestyle 

I am not going to say anything about anyone here, so put down your pitchforks. I know that I would like to improve my diet and increase my exercise in 2020. I believe that doing so will help me to clear my skin, improve cardiovascular health, avoid hereditary diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol, all of which help me to improve my overall quality of my life. I understand that black women face serious health risks, and I do not wish to be a statistic. Ideally, I would love to lose 40 or 50 pounds, but I think I will just look at 10 pounds lost as a victory. Sugar and carbohydrates are my main nemeses, so I want to find healthy alternatives. As for exercise, I already do Pilates and ice skating once a week, with occasional gym time. This year, I want to commit to Pilates twice a week, ice skating once a week and running on the elliptical once a week. I’ll do a check-in at the end of the year,  to see how it goes.

(New year resolution, start a diet and stop procrastinating concept with an apple, pink dumbbells and gym gloves next to a cube calendar showing the date of january 1st on bright vivid green background)

It has been a long time getting myself to this place, and I would like to make the most of this newfound outlook. I know that we live in an age of moral relativism, where there is no right or wrong standard or definition of anything. Everyone has their own way of being and doing.  As such, I do not want to push any of my ideas or standards on you. I know that many of you are quite tired of the weight focus on the blog. I simply encourage you to live to the standard of health that works for you and the life that you want. Wish me the best, everyone!


I must acknowledge that money is a touchy subject. In light of everyone’s lives being different, I understand that there are others who believe that there is such a thing as good debt and bad debt. If you would like to leverage debt and credit cards to improve your lifestyle, feel free. For those who might be interested in this subject, I would love to hear your thoughts. The average American has about $38,000 in personal debt, excluding home mortgages. For me, debt is something that I never want to experience again. I do not like the concept of borrowing money that I will eventually have to pay back. I hate owing people money. I understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and it is not my intention to shame anyone who needs extra financial assistance. I know that I have been in that situation a time or two myself. What I want to present is, how can we improve our financial outlook moving forward?

(Black young woman hugging her pink piggy bank)

With the 2008 recession and future recession rumours abounding, I believe that it is important for us to control our money and our financial situation. Who knows? A bank could come tomorrow and call for a loan to be paid in full. I know people who refuse to answer their phones because debt collectors are always calling them. What kind of life is that? I always believe that when you owe someone money, you are their slaves. The borrower is slave to the lender and all. If any of you are interested in debt-freedom, I would like to recommend Dave Ramsey. I know that I want to live a life that is free from debt, and paying everyone else but myself. I want to use this year to budget my expenses, maximize my income and wipe out any financial obligations.

If you all are interested in us discussing finances further, I would love to write about my debt freedom journey, and ways for us to take charge of our finances. All of us here on the blog believe that leveling up does not just include finding and marrying a rich man (although, that would not be too bad, lol). Each of us are gainfully employed and love the work that we do. Christelyn consistently tells us that with choices comes power. Another way to have choice is to have debt-freedom, and to be financially secure.


This is the year when I do not have time to waste time with toxic situations or people. I personally have not had to cut anyone off coming into the new year, but if anything changes, people will be left behind with the quickness. If someone does not make time for me, I will find new friends. If any activity does not serve my goals or bring me joy, I will leave them behind. I will preserve my peace at all costs. Mental health is something that I plan to discuss in a future piece, but I believe that it is something that black women could look into more critically. 

(One woman with her eyes closed)

Sometimes, the root of our problems can come from toxic cultural behaviours, generational curses or familial patterns, and situations that require making lemons from lemonade. It is important to note the symptoms of dysfunction, but we need to acknowledge what is the root cause and deal with it. We can either become content with where we are, or develop a strategy to level up. There are so many ways to make a change. Therapy, prayer, meditation, and self-care are all options to consider. Everyone’s life is different. If you like things more spicy and exciting, please do not let me stop you.

What is everyone else interested in pursuing in 2020? Travel? Love? School? If you are comfortable sharing below, I would love to hear about the things that you are aiming for in 2020. What are some subjects of focus? 


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