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Exclusive: Black Woman (Madison Amelia) Who Filmed Ex Boyfriend’s Racist Rant Speaks

I got a chance to speak with Madison Amelia, the young woman who recorded the viral video of her ex boyfriend’s racist rant about black people and Donald Trump’s politics. I thought it was important to try and talk to her directly, because in the absence of facts, people have created so many lies and misinformation about this young woman, it was important to allow her to have her say. After all, that video is now being used as some kind of cautionary tale to warn black women off dating white men for fear they all may one day call you the n-word. Madison, who is biracial, has been dragged for filth, being called a “bed wench” and even gotten notes hoping she will get lynched. Madison’s father is black and her mother is Portuguese.

Turns out the video was made a while ago, and Madison just waited to post it on election day because she felt it was important to expose how the election has brought out some of the worst in people. While being a Republican herself, she told her boyfriend that she couldn’t bring herself to vote for him, which was the source of all his rage.

But what we didn’t know is that the monster in the video is a diagnosed narcissist, a borderline personality disorder on the spectrum of sociopathy. That explains a lot.

During the unfolding on the story, I learned that Madison had been struggling for over three years to get away from this mental and physically abusive user, and gives some insight on how she finally got brave enough to flee.

Hear the full interview…

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