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A Note About Fake Friends and Fake Allies

I’m going to be writing this post in general terms, because the people interested in what went down already know the story, so I’ll not pollute my blog with the details. But I will say this. This whole experience was a both a costly and priceless learning experience for me, and…and deeply changed me for the better.

During this whole debacle, I saw people who swore their love telling me I’m not “fit to lead” and am “too emotional” and went in other folks’ inboxes “advising” others not to affiliate themselves with me. I also observed the glaring silence of my non-black male fans on You Tube do very little as my name was dragged through the mud with video after lying video. Yeah; I saw that too.

But during all of this, I learned a very valuable lesson. Ladies, I don’t care how popular or private you are, build a circle of support of people who can pick you up off the floor when you are down, give you good advice, and bounce off ideas with them about how to make critical decisions in your own life.

But don’t just pick ANYONE in your circle. Sure; the bestie you had down the street during your childhood might be a nice girl, but if she’s not making good life decisions and her orbit is messy, she shouldn’t be in the circle.

If possible, make your circle comprised of both men and women you trust–because men and women will have wildly varying opinions on the exact scenario, which will allow you to have a more 360-degree view of what your challenges are.

I consider it a blessing to know who I can trust and who I can not. In the long run, it will make me more crafty.

In the end, it was a victory. 300 new subscribers and supporters in three days. Check? Meet Mate.

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