Black Women's Empowerment

The Power of Femininity and Donald Trump’s Unprecedented Crash and Burn

It didn’t take him saying John McCain, a decorated war hero who was a prisoner of war for five year, a loser.

It didn’t take for him to call Mexican immigrants rapists.

It didn’t take for him to diminish the pain of a Gold Star Family by saying he’s made sacrifices too, because, you know…he’s built many structures.

It didn’t take for him to say that he would implement a complete ban on Muslim immigrations until “we figure this thing out.”

It took for him to say that, because he’s a star, he can do whatever he wants, included grabbing (white) women “by the pussy” for the powers that be to FINALLY and publicly call this man out and withdraw his support, which has lead to him being down in the polls by double digits and essentially handing the presidency to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

White men in POWER do NOT play that shit with their wives, daughters, nieces, girlfriends, etc. You tell a guy you can grab any white woman (married or not) by the pussy because you’re a star, you WILL get you ass handed to you.

Trump has been disavowed by an unprecedented 16 Republican leaders, including the most powerful Republican, Paul Ryan. All the other media stunts, crazy tweets, insults and lies in the passed year never really and truly stuck. It took an arrogant, crass video of Donald Trump bragging about being able to do whatever he wants to women 11 years ago to undo him.

This, ladies is a case study happening in real time displaying how the power of femininity works to galvanize men to act in a patriarchy. The men in power have an innate understanding that the women in their “tribe” are essential in the proper functioning of their society. Most other men with “sub” patriarchies in the U.S., such as Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern seem to have similar credos about their women. Sure; they may not treat the women in their “tribe” so great, but NO OUTSIDER will have access to do so.
As a result, all “sub” patriarchies have mostly functional communities with cooperation, business interests and cultures. It’s not perfect, but it’s there. There’s an exchange: “You have the babies and be the keepers of the culture, and we, the men, will offer protection of your honor, provide and produce the society in while our two genders can thrive.”

It is an unstated agreement that every functioning community has–except one. I think you know which one that is. Sort of puts into perspective why some black women feel they always have to stand in for themselves and in their own defense, doesn’t it? This piece however, isn’t about bemoaning how black women have and continue to be debased, demeaned, and unprotected both within and without, it’s about how savvy, crafty women take that knowledge and create a course of action and alliances that can extend individual benefit to her.

Let’s discuss.

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